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Configure the absences and holidays of your employees with OrgOS


OrgOS is one of the most complete all-in-one human resources tools on the market today. With it you can manage everything related to HR Management and Recruitment via one platform.


One of those monotonous tasks carried out by the HR department, taking a lot of time, is the management of absences and holidays for each employee. Especially often companies are spread out in different locations and/or timezones.


In this post we are going show you how to digitise and configure the absences and holidays of your employees by using OrgOS.



Time off


OrgOS supports you managing all kinds of absences, whether they are vacation, sickness or home office.


absences with orgos


Creating Time off types and policies


First, you need to add all different types of time off that you require. Do this via Home > Apps > Time off > Preferences > Add a time off type (+ Button). 


Now you can enter a name and select a color. If you enable work time, requests of this type will be left out from the 'who's away feed' on the dashboard and whilst checking pending requests upon approval. Additionally you can decide if certain time off types should be visible to all your employees.


After that, you can add your companies policy. A policy specifies how the accruals will be built. In case you need more than one policy per type, you can simply add them as well.


absences tracker with orgos


There are different options to set up your policy:


Earned allowance


For most cases of vacation, you will select the allowance type earned allowance. This means, that there is only a limited amount of days per accrued time. 

These days can be given in advance, so your employees receive all of their vacation days upfront and are able to request all days of their yearly balance at once if needed. Alternatively you can go for given as days are earned option, here your employees get 1/12 of the annual allowance for every month they stay at your company.




Time off types which have no limit can be set up as unlimited. This type may be used for sickness or home office, depending on whether there is limit or not in your company of course.


Annual grant


If there is a fixed amount of days no matter how long or how many days per week the employee works, you can select the annual grant option. This could also be used a special days-off such as weddings or relocations for example.


Lastly, you can define the carry over and if there is an approval required. The request is then required to be approved by the supervisor of the requesting employee (based on the field reports to).


Assigning policies to employees


If you are done with setting up your custom absence types and policies, you can assign them to your employees. Go to Time off > Company > and click on the [...] symbol next to an employee. Then, click on manage policies and assign all relevant policies to your specific employees. When assigning policies with earned allowance you need to adjust the balance for the first year. This you can do by clicking on [...]  > Adjust balance and simply enter the desired balance.


Your personal time off tab could then look like this:


configure the absences and holidays with orgos


Easy right? Well now you just have to start configuring all the absences and holiday for your organisation.

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